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We help businesses navigate the cloud.

Stratascape was founded with the belief that cloud services can level the playing field, leveraging technology to help businesses of any size to move faster, focus on their core business, and increase profits. The cloud has become a remarkable tool, from file sharing and email to customer relationship management or data analysis, but like any tool, it is only useful when deployed as part of a sound business strategy.

At Stratascape, we believe in starting every engagement with listening. Once we have developed a deep and thoughtful understanding of a business and its goals, we help figure out the most effective and efficient way to use technology to achieve and exceed those goals. And then we make it happen.

Stratascape was founded by Anthony Pagano and Ignacio McBeatch, who met while pursuing MBAs at Penn State University’s Smeal College of Business. Together, they noticed that small and medium-sized businesses could save time and money by integrating cloud computing into their overall business strategy. In 2012, Pagano and McBeatch turned that observation into Stratascape, which now includes consulting and cloud brokerage services, as well as big data intelligence and application development. Stratascape is based in Manhattan, New York City, and has offices in Dallas, and Philadelphia.

Case Study

A compliance company serving the finance industry needed a secure, efficient way to receive large volumes of documents from clients, process the documents, and report back to the client. Existing software did not meet their range of needs, and they wanted to avoid spending a lot of time and money hiring someone to build an automated process from scratch.

We customized existing document management cloud services for them, creating a custom cloud portal, saving the company eight to twelve months of software development time.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based software solutions can solve many business problems. We can help you implement the combination of cloud tools your business needs.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

How can you get value out of big data? We’ll help you find insights and predictions that increase revenue and make you smarter and faster than your competitors.

IT as a Service

IT as a Service

We can help you optimize and virtualize your IT department. From internal marketplaces to software licenses and email services, we provide the cloud tools your enterprise needs.


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