Big Data Analytics

Use business intelligence to find opportunities.

How can you get value out of big data? We’ll help you find insights and predictions that increase revenue and make you smarter and faster than your competitors.

We use big data analytics to make your business more efficient and effective. First, we’ll offer a big data primer advanced analytics team can add machine learning, data scientists, and external data to make more educated predictions that will generate greater profits.

We have helped clients make seasonal price predictions, find and eliminate wasteful business processes, identify likely new customers and markets, and better predict demand.

Case Study

A regional floral distribution company wanted to improve their annual Valentine's Day rose order. With thousands of roses to choose from, the company needed to know which colors and varieties would sell well.

We used big data analysis tools to predict the top three most popular roses, allowing the floral company to buy more of the in-demand varieties, avoid expensive spoilage, and increase profits.


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