Cloud Computing

Make dollars and sense from cloud services.

Cloud-based software solutions can solve many business problems. With over 11,000 cloud tools at our disposal, we can help you implement the combination of software your small or medium business needs to become more efficient and more profitable.

Our cloud computing and business strategy experts will develop a deep understanding of your business and build a roadmap of cloud services and software to help you become more efficient internally, streamline your relationships with your clients, and profitably grow your business. We help manage a suite of software in the cloud and deploy it against your specific business needs.

We have helped clients set up email hosting, administrate MS Office, launch a robust CRM platform, and conduct document management, all using a creative approach to cloud computing.

Case Study

A digital printing shop had the ability to handle bulk mailings of over 100,000 pieces, but struggled with efficiency and wanted to break into new markets. They managed their sales process by hand and lacked the security requirements to work with sensitive information for healthcare clients.

We introduced a cloud-based ecommerce platform that fully automated the sales and order tracking process, and passed the security audits needed to work with healthcare clients. The print shop's efficiency increased and they broke into the healthcare market.


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