Cloud Development Services

Enterprise software development designed for you.

We design cloud-based enterprise software suites that reflect your business culture. With products ranging from content management systems to supply chain management and more, we will customize the tools you need for all your projects.

From ideation through implementation, we develop enterprise software solutions based on what your company needs and how it operates. Starting with a firm understanding of your business culture, we create a suite of customizable programs to address a variety of business needs, from online shopping and payment processing to automated billing systems, human resource management to collaboration and project management tools. We can build mobile applications to support your business as well as take a current application platform and adapt it for the cloud. Whether we work on-site with you, or independently off-site, we will use our business experience and technological expertise to customize a software suite for your project.

We currently work with pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical device industries to develop mobile and cloud-based software.

Case Study

A pharmaceutical company wanted to realize efficiencies from cloud services, but their existing IT team did not have experience necessary to know the safest and most comprehensive way to do this. Their needs included highly secure services, and internal monitoring abilities.

We built a custom cloud lifecycle process that gave them cloud governance and security as well as a cloud marketplace that helped them to modernize their IT department, allowing it to increase security, control costs, identify areas for improvement, and roll out new services quickly.


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