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Stratascape Technologies July 2015 Newsletter

Stratascape July Newsletter

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5 Misconceptions About Moving to the Cloud!

Cloud-based services have permeated into our daily lives, both in the office and at home. Yet there are certain misconceptions that make IT managers and business executives apprehensive about adopting cloud-based services in their enterprises. 1. Cloud adoption is difficult: In reality, more than 70% of organizations believe they need help and training to deploy […]

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What is the Cloud Good for?

The cloud is not really the final destination:  Adopting cloud computing has seen more IT leaders, as well as business leaders, try to get their footing on what can otherwise be described as a very slippery slope. Helping organizations transform into an innovative organization, while gaining a competitive advantage takes the collaborated efforts of both […]

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Mitigating Compliance and Regulatory Risk in the Cloud

Recent studies are all conveying a common trend: Cloud adoption is rising substantially. At the same time, compliance requirements, shortages in cyber security and information management professionals, security and other regulatory issues are the most common impediments. There are a number of acrostics to refer to a wide array of cloud computing requirements and regulations […]

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What is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is gaining in popularity these days due to the exponential growth in the use of cloud computing within organizations. What is it exactly? Shadow IT basically refers to information technology solutions and information technology projects that are managed without the knowledge of, and outside the control of the organizations IT department. Shadow IT […]

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