IT as a Service

A new IT business and operating model, not a delivery platform.

We can help you optimize and virtualize your IT department. From internal marketplaces to software licenses and email services, we provide the cloud tools your enterprise needs.

We help you make sure your employees have access to the software they need, when they need it, without wasteful and inefficient internal red tape. We can work with your IT department to understand your business and build an internal marketplace for hosted software solutions. By taking advantage of economies of scale and cloud-based software, your enterprise will reduce paperwork, increase speed, and save money.

We have helped clients create efficient intranet marketplaces for hosted cloud services, such as CRM solutions, facilities management, email and document management, and employee collaboration.

Case Study

A financial brokerage firm was concerned with the security risks created by “shadow IT” and the introduction of unsanctioned and potentially dangerous cloud applications into the enterprise. Cloud application that bypassed the firm’s IT department and created compliance issues for the firm. Although the brokerage firm used smart firewall protection, it had no way of monitoring the cloud usage within its networks.

We introduced software that collected information from their firewall logs, found 500 unauthorized services in use, and identified 200 of them as high risk. This information allowed the IT department to understand the needs of the employees, provide secure versions of the cloud tools the business needed, saving money in the process by aggregating licenses and permissions, while reducing the company’s risk profile.


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