5 Misconceptions About Moving to the Cloud!

Cloud-based services have permeated into our daily lives, both in the office and at home. Yet there are certain misconceptions that make IT managers and business executives apprehensive about adopting cloud-based services in their enterprises.

1. Cloud adoption is difficult:
In reality, more than 70% of organizations believe they need help and training to deploy cloud solutions as most lack the expertise and cloud skills needed. However, with the right team, the aftermath can be controlled and certainly more than with conventional on premise integrations. Intricate processes such as, data integration and the management of data solutions can be seamlessly managed from beginning to end. Cloud-based solutions actually mitigate the amount of ambiguity by freeing up the business to focus on running the organization while allowing cloud computing to create added value for the business, by producing a greater Return-on- Investment (ROI).

2. Cloud Security is inadequate:
Security is seen as one of the biggest hurdles to cloud adoption for many organizations. Innately, there is nothing in the Cloud infrastructure that would make it less secure than on premise solutions. Organizations are still required to be watchful and diligent while strengthening their security posture as is the case with on premise solutions.

Regulatory compliance, governance and security policies have to keep instep with today’s threat landscape. For organizations looking to not get into the security business, managed cloud solutions are always an option. Cloud adopters must adopt a layered approach to governance and security.

3. Moving to the cloud takes too long:
When adopting a new technology, data migration is one of the biggest complications. However, nowadays there are quicker file transfer protocols formulated to make uploading data to the Cloud less complex and easy. Building or implementing your own premise solution might take a lot of time, but most cloud-based solutions can be up and running within weeks versus months.

4. The cloud is too simple to be useful:
Cloud solutions have always been seen as extremely agile, flexible and cost effective – you pay for what you use. On premise solutions can be extremely costly and complex for organizations that wish to create measurable results for the enterprise.

5. The cost of migrating to the cloud is too expensive:
Cloud computing is not as expensive as you might think. For most enterprises, the money saved over time in hardware costs and information technology operational expense makes cloud computing a cost-effective and attractive option worthy of consideration. Cloud computing supports immense economies of scale and an economical subscription model allows you to dial down or dial up your usage as the enterprise dictates.

Stratascape Technologies’ knowledge and experience of cloud-based solutions can make your organizations cloud adoption an effective, economical and uncomplicated transition. To find out how Stratascape Technologies can help your organization, contact us.